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Believe a hysterectomy is the only answer to fibroids and heavy bleeding?


Time to have a chat before you make a decision you'll regret.

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You want the monsters gone...
It get it.

Hi, I’m Valerie, Womb Wellness Warrior & founder of Womb-man Wise Health.

If your symptoms have been ignored, you have been told your issues are a natural part of being a woman, you are not taken seriously or told you just have to deal with it, may leave you feeling like you have little to no hope left. 


If you are done with being dismissed, putting up with pain, not being able to plan anything and looking 6 months pregnant, I am here to help you.

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Reduce heavy bleeding, banish PMT, lift your mood & beat the bloat with the Heavy Period Action Plan. Grab your free guide & join our Womb Wellness tribe.

You are a Wise Womb-man!

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