My story...

Its lovely to meet you. I am very passionate about womb healing because like you, I too have suffered for many years with fibroids and heavy clotty bleeding. To say it was a nightmare is a massive understatement! No life. Wearing floaty clothes to hide my pregnant looking belly. Regular flooding and embarrassing leaks. That all changed in 2017 when I was told to go to A&E due to severe anaemia. Test after test...I'd had enough.  Today, things are very different and I would love to share with you what I did and how it can work for you.

Interview with Valerie...

How long have you been doing what you do and how did you become the Womb Wellness Warrior?

I’ve been in the health and healing industry since 2005. The Womb Wellness Warrior was born late 2020 after my own 20+ year battle with fibroids.

Let me give you a little background. It was late summer 2017. I was in hospital with severe anaemia due to heavy menstrual bleeding. This day was the ultimate turning point...I had reached my enough moment. Then and there, the decision was made. I will do what ever I needed to do to rid my womb of these monsters and the heavy bleeding that controlled every aspect of my life.

Many years before I reached that important decision,  I decided the best course of action was surgery to remove the fibroids. This was back in 2011. During the consultation, I was offered a hysterectomy as a 'cure'. I made it very clear to the consultant that was not an option. He mentioned the 'H' word again. I shot 'a look' at him. He instantly dismissed it. 

The experience of of having test after test, being poked and prodded, looking at doctors baffled faces, was the catalyst for my decision to heal myself. I did tonnes of research and became my own research laboratory. This led to the creation of Womb-man Wise™ Health; a Holistic Womb and Reproductive Health clinic that specialises in stopping the growth of fibroids; preventing fibroid re-growth after surgery, and ending heavy clotty periods.

Unless, life threatening, there is no need for a woman to lose her womb. There are plenty of options that will allow a womb-man to keep her womb intact. Losing any body organ will have long term consequences that are never discussed during the consultation. The Warrior in me is the force that keeps me fighting to keep you healthy and above all, intact.


Who do you work with?


I work with professional women over 40 who suffer with multiple fibroids and are dealing with anaemia caused by heavy bleeding, plus the symptoms that accompanies these issues, such as tiredness, large clots, lower back pain, cramping, pelvic pressure and bloating. My clients are at the top of their careers and feel they cannot take time off, so they suffer in silence whilst trying to avoid embarrassing accidents. 


They are suffering each month and using up boxes and boxes of pads and tampons just to manage the flooding. The priority of many women is to shrink or eliminate these unwanted invaders.


What types of personality do you work best with?


I work best with women who are prepared to put in the work to greatly improve their health and well-being, even if they do it slowly. They are aware that healing involves a complete lifestyle transformation; we are talking about the food they eat to how they think about themselves.


My clients are in it for the long term and are prepared to invest as well as put in the time and energy to achieve their health goals.


For what type of person is this programme not going to work?


The minute a women asks “How long will it take before I see results?” or “If I just use this (herb/ supplement) will it shrink my fibroids?”


The ‘quick fix’ mentality is very much a Western based type of thinking where the expectation is for someone to ‘fix’ them and quickly (understandable given the circumstances). That said, these are just a small number of health upgrades you can expect: you may feel much more energised with steady energy throughout the day; you may notice you sleep more soundly and get up feeling refreshed rather than needing more sleep, your skin may become much clearer and brighter, you may feel less bloated and experience less pain during your period. 


I work best with women who are ready mentally, emotionally and are committed to making the necessary changes in order to get results.


How exactly do you help women get rid of fibroids and heavy bleeding?


First off, the body is designed to heal. That is a fact. However, fibroids are very different because we are dealing with rock solid tumours that have grown over many years. It is possible for your body to break these down, but it may take a very long time depending on size.


I do suggest speaking with your doctor/ gynaecologist if you have multiple large fibroids, as surgery to remove them might be the preferred option if you just want them gone. Fibroids tend to grow back after surgery, so I work with women to help prevent this happen.*


Putting an end to heavy bleeding is a process that involves investigating the root cause. This is key. Losing silly amounts of blood every month is and never will be normal.

I do an in depth analysis to uncover internal health problems and aim to fix those with nutrition and detoxification. For many women, upgrading their eating habits can be tough, so I’ll always work with you where you are at.


*The thought of surgery can be scary. I am more than happy to share my experience if that will be helpful to you. Book some time to speak with me here.


How quickly can I expect results?

Again, this is the ‘quick fix’ mentality. Its important to weed this out otherwise you’ll be stuck on a never ending merry-go-round. However, you will definitely notice positive changes to your overall health and well-being.


What is the programme and how long is it?


We have a suite of programmes dependant on what your health focus is. All have been created specially to help you nurse your womb back to tip top health. You can learn more about what we offer here. Our flagship programme is called The Fibroid Protocol™ which you can learn more about it here.


Where are you located and do you only work face-to-face?


I am in London, UK. Currently, the majority of my work is online. I work with smalls groups and private 1:1 clients.


So what now?


Having suffered for over 20 years, I totally get what you are going through. I am here to help, support and guide you through what can be a very lonely journey. There is no need for you to suffer in silence any more.


I really wish there was someone out there I could have turned to, who would have given me the time and the space to talk about what I was going through. Let me do that for you, your comfort blanket if you will. There is no need to feel isolated when you have someone who has your back.

If you are done and just want a real solution, book your free Womb Wellness Review today and let’s see how I can help.