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The Fibroid Protocol®

“Millions of women in the UK suffer the often-distressing effects of gynaecological conditions such as fibroids, endometriosis, adenomyosis and interstitial cystitis, which often go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed for years... education and awareness around women’s health is lacking. Millions of women in the UK continue to suffer in silence, unsure of how best to manage their pain or seek help".

Liz Adair Chief Nursing Officer at Circle Health Group.

Women world-wide are battling with fibroids and heavy cycles. Women are struggling to find the information they need to ask the right questions and often come across barriers when seeking medical attention. 

We live in a world with modern technology, yet women are still fighting to get the help they need.

“I feel that I am battling with my GP surgery rather than being supported by them. This has caused a disproportionate amount of damage to my physical and mental health. I just want to be believed, listened to and have an intelligent discussion about my illness.”

It can take years for a diagnosis and in many cases, women have had to wait several years and when they do manage to get an appointment, they are not being listened to. This constant battle can wear you down. Its mentally, emotionally and physically draining.

Living with fibroids not only has a detrimental impact on mental health but also they can cause extreme discomfort and have a negative impact on daily life.

“When I am in pain during my periods, it’s hard to get any sleep. This affects my mood and concentration levels”.


Its time women world-wide had permanent solution to end the suffering.


Introducing The Fibroid Protocol®.


The Fibroid Protocol® is my 4-month private coaching programme, which has been developed specifically to deal with the underlying causes of fibroids, reduce the symptoms that accompany it, as well as heal the body to prevent growth or re-growth.

By following this programme, you can expect to:

- Relive abdominal pain and bloating

- Ease lower back pain

- End constipation and the frequent need to urinate

- Reduce heavy, painful and prolonged periods

- Avoid breakthrough bleeding

- Improve your chances of getting pregnant

- Slow down the growth of fibroids

Greetings, I’m Valerie. I know exactly what its like having been in a similar position to you. I suffered for over 20 years with heavy bleeding and multiple large fibroids.


I was given birth control to ease the heavy periods only for these to cause severe side effects, but the catalyst for change was after I found myself back in hospital with severe anaemia. I decided there and then to dedicate my time to researching everything I could about healing fibroids and heavy bleeding naturally.


After 4 years of continuous research and testing, I created The Fibroid Protocol®.


The Fibroid Protocol® is a powerful science based programme that gives you the foundation for healing gynaecological conditions using food and herbs as medicine. I developed the programme using my 16 years of experience, knowledge of health and nutrition, experimentation on my own body, along with extensive research on fibroids; looking at how they form and why they continue growing.


The Fibroid Protocol® is your ultimate womb healer. In order to combat fibroids and get your life back, a path for healing needs to be put in place. This programme will help you do exactly that by showing you what causes fibroids through:

  • Functional testing where you’ll learn how your body processes hormones. You’ll clearly be able to see if the route your hormones are travelling down is inflammatory.

  • Assessing your exposure to various toxins including heavy metals, chemicals and myotoxins.

  • A health assessment of your two primary eliminatory organs, the liver and gut plus...

  • A dietary review to look at the foods your are eating and how this may be impacting womb health.

This programme is primed for long term, lifelong healing. It is not a quick fix or gimmick. It is a uniquely developed programme that will de-clutter and reset your body. Everything you’ll learn is natural and above all safe. Its impossible to undo years of internal damage just by ingesting pills, supplements or rubbing on hormone creams. A deeper approach is needed.


What will work is a programme that will teach you how to move into a holistic, consistent way of living so it becomes second nature. This is the approach that will get you results!


By learning the fundamental principles of health and healing, you can expect to have...


  • Better quality sleep. Sleeping habits will improve allowing you to sleep through the night.

  • The easing of swollen ankles and swelling.

  • Improved mood and emotional health because your hormones are balanced and you are feeling less stressed and brain fog has cleared.

  • Decreased pain before and during your period.

  • No more taking time of from work or losing holidays because you have to take time off every month.

  • Get your social life back. No more worrying about cancelling plans like holidays or girls nights out.

  • Improved consistent energy levels due to proper nourishment and rebuilding of your body from the inside.


Its time to stop...

Self diagnosing, relying on birth control pills and medication, progesterone cream or embarking on some other symptom management technique. These are fine when things are really bad, I get that, but the time wasted by neglecting the root cause of fibroids can have far reaching implications, and could in the long run, make matters worse.

The only way to effectively prevent fibroid growth is by getting to the underlying cause and dealing with it.


The Fibroid Protocol® gives you ample space to be flexible with your goals. Its not easy transitioning to a new way of living, which is why there are tips and strategies to help you every step of the way.


Here is a small sample of what you’ll learn when you sign up to The Fibroid Protocol®:


  1. The exact reasons for fibroids and their continued growth. This is why surgery and medication will only ever be temporary. Without this knowledge, they will always grow back...100%.

  2. Why a changing your diet and supplements is not working and what you can do to ensure they do work.

  3. Why hysterectomy is cited as the ultimate cure, but it really isn’t.

  4. When and why surgery should be considered as an option, even if you are scared.

You will not hear this information from your doctor or any medical consultant.


We often hear that there is no cure for fibroids. When you understand how and why they form, you’ll also know that there is a way to reverse it.


What we cover over the 4 months: this is based on my unique 3-step system:


Month 1 - The GLAD Method® - Here we we address the 4 key areas of the body that often get overlooked. We take a deep dive into your current health issues with a 4-part assessment along with a functional test for hormones. We also cover mindset to help you get clear on your goals so you can start healing and change your life for the better.

Month 2 - The Triple ‘A’ Diet® - We walk through the 4 main factors that influence ‘dis-ease’. Working from the inside out, we’ll reboot what you eat and drink. You’ll discover what foods heal and what increases symptoms.


Month 3 - The S.P.E.C Formula® - We take a closer look at the 3 healing elements of food and how these positively impact health. We’ll reset your body by helping you with the root causes primarily focusing on the main issues that came up in your initial assessment.


Month 4 – This is where you start developing healthy habits for the long term. You’ll be shown how to maintain the changes you’ve made in the last 3 months so they become part of your everyday life.


Mindset is key when dealing with gynaecological conditions which is why, you’ll be helped to let off S.T.E.A.M. If you hit any barriers that could potentially undermine your progress, the S.T.E.A.M™ Method will help to unblock them and move you forward.


*Although there is a structure to this programme, it will be personalised to you.


Book your Womb Wellness Review.

Can I learn this stuff from the internet?


Many women do their own research. There is a lot of information you can find, but there is a lot you may not be able to find, unless you know exactly what you are looking for. There is no set standard for the holistic intervention for fibroids. Healing must be tailored to the individual. We might have the same symptoms and the causes are similar, but its the healing approach that will make all the difference. The internet can’t give you that. Neither can it help you if you get stuck and you need to ask specific questions.


You tried the natural didn’t work...


Guess what? I spent a year trying different things and it didn’t work for me either! With time however, I worked out why what I was doing wasn’t working and changed it. These are the crucial element that forms the foundations for this programme.


You Don’t Want to be Scammed or taken advantage of...

Many women are naturally sceptical about natural healing thanks to scammers offering ‘miracle’ herbs to ‘cure, eliminate and shrink fibroids’. They’ve tried different remedies, changed their diet etc. but nothing worked so are now reluctant to invest in help because they feel all that therapist will do is take their hard earned money and leave them in exactly the same position they were in to start with.

I hear you...that is why I developed this programme, so we start from the very beginning by learning what your baseline is, cleaning the internal environment, upgrading your diet, setting goals, back it up with health coaching, then measuring progress over time.

Let’s get clear about natural healing...


There are no short cuts. If you are serious about dealing with fibroids once and for all, then getting real about long-term lifestyle changes is your main focus. Also be ready in mind, body and spirit. Commitment and determination are the two components you will need to embrace daily until they are ingrained in every cell in your body.


Now for a truth bomb…


Eliminating fibroids takes work, consistent effort and careful monitoring. It has and never will be just about downing a bunch of supplements and a few diet tweaks (although these are fundamental to the healing process). Mindset is key too.


This is the very reason why The Fibroid Protocol® was created, to give you the steps for healing yourself with support and guidance. Knowing the ‘root’ cause is the knowledge from which true healing can occur.

This programme is for you if healing is your priority and you are able to invest and commit...and this programme is an investment. Its an involved programme which means there is a lot of work to do, and as such you need the brain space to dedicate to it. 

If this is resonating with you and you are feeling moved to take matters into your own hands, then book your Womb Wellness Review so I can learn more about you and see whether The Fibroid Protocol® is a good fit.


Feeling Inspired?

If you are done with the miracle cures, quick fixes and supplements that have not worked thus far, and you are ready to heal properly, then there is no better way than to consider signing up for The Fibroid Protocol®.

Don’t waste a second more, book your Womb Wellness Review and together we can decide if this programme is right for you. 

Here is what you get when you sign up for the Fibroid Protocol®:


1 x 90 minute comprehensive Health & Lifestyle assessment

1 x DUTCH test (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones)

1 x Bio-Resonance Scan

7 x 60 minute progress sessions with personal coaching

6 x 15 minute check in calls to use as and when you need

Personalised Herbal Remedies

Meal plans, recipes and shopping lists

Handouts to help deeper learning

Unlimited support via email or text 


You are going to get clear on your goals, you’ll discover what foods give health and what foods deplete health. You’ll learn the root cause of fibroids and stop chasing symptoms and you’ll learn how to view healthy living as a way of life.


I cannot wait to work with you!

Please note: This programme is a serious investment commitment and is therefore, suited to women who would otherwise opt for private medical treatment but prefer natural healing solutions.

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