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The Detox Protocol®

Bloated? PMS? No energy? In constant pain?

Ready to live a normal life?

The Detox Protocol® is a programme that will help you de-bloat, ease PMS, balance hormones and regain energy that will last all day everyday, by gently removing toxicity from the body that is causing these symptoms.

The Detox Protocol® is an 4-week predominantly self paced detoxification programme, designed to help you get your energy back, relive menstrual pain and PMS, balance hormones and eliminate bloating by improving digestive health. It is fully researched and based on cleaning up the internal environment of your body (the main cause of these symptoms) You’ll learn what foods work for your body and how to optimise your personal well-being and immunity through food.

The Detox Protocol® is for women who have been living with as well as putting up with very heavy clotty bleeding, lower back pain, bloating, anaemia, frequent urination and exhaustion and are now ready to face these issues head on.

Research shows that we are carrying around 700 known toxins in our body which is found in our blood, fat, brain tissue, liver and digestive system. The main culprits are the very things we use in our daily lives: household cleaning agents, make-up, the food we eat containing additives and colourings as well as personal care products like sanitary towels and tampons.


Your body does what it can to rid itself of contaminants every day through the main eliminatory organs: liver, kidneys, skin, colon and lungs. If these organs are not detoxing properly, waste products, and toxins accumulate in the cells and tissues of the body, leading to inflammation. Inflammation causes damage and that damage leads to chronic disease.

The Detox Protocol® is the foundation for healing that leads to a long term healthier lifestyle. You’ll be taken through a four-part assessment that will allow us to identify the most appropriate detox programme for you.


This assessment will show you how exposed you are to toxins in your everyday life, and to give you the tools to enhance your body’s detoxification system so that you can enjoy the best possible health and begin reversing symptoms that have lead to the health issues you have right now.


You’ll be shown how to prepare your body for your personalised detox protocol to ensure you are well nourished, your needs taken care of, and any issues that arise are resolved.

"The 7 day plan went very well thank you. My stomach doesn't feel so bloated like normal. I will be incorporating this food plan every week. I love it. Thank you so much". Ruth


As part of your programme, you receive the following:

4 – Week Detox Plan. This 61 page guide is your partner throughout your detox programme. You’ll learn everything you need to know about detoxing and the benefits, check if you are addicted to stimulants, and the questionnaires contained within your guide will help you assess your health and energy levels plus your blood sugar score.

Your guide also includes everything you need to set yourself up for success including:

- Daily top tips

- Daily Health Audit

- 4 week menu plan

- 4 weeks of recipes


Health & Lifestyle Consultation


1 x 90 minute Health & Lifestyle Assessment

1 x 60 minute Post Detox Evaluation

Weekly emails to support and keep you on track

Want to know if this programme is right for you? Let's chat.  Click on the link here to book your review.

*All sessions must be taken within 2 months. If you have to cancel a session, you can move this to another date as long as it does not extend beyond the 2 month expiry timeline.

Not sure if it’ll work for you?

Its important to have a starting point.


Because many of us have a very limited understanding or appreciation of how our body works (not our fault), we have a tenancy to be very sceptical and cynical about natural healing, especially when it comes to gynaecological conditions. But once you have a clearer understanding of the nature of disease, what causes it and how it manifests in your body, you’ll know exactly how to reverse it. This is the knowledge gap currently missing which will be filled once we start working together.

How do I know how to reverse these symptoms and all the other issues I suffer with?


Because I’ve been there. I know what its like. I’ve done the work and can say I am seeing the results. A detox is exactly where my journey started. The Detox Protocol® is a gentler version of what I did but its still powerful and you’ll see results. As with anything, you have to put in the work first.


This is the mistake I see so many women make. Women I speak to want to see (clinical) evidence that something (natural) will work for them before they’ll do it. The issue is, they are not seeing results because so many women are taking an approach that is not right for them. I see this all the time and it only leads to disappointment.

But I’ve tried the natural didn’t work.

I hear this a lot.


For women who have been following the natural route for a while but not seeing results despite doing everything right, is because she is missing vital pieces of the puzzle.


Guessing and hoping is not a good strategy and will only lead to disappointment. This is why so many women fail and end up having their precious womb removed. This can be avoided!


I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again here…


Once you understand the nature of disease and how it impacts the body, you’ll know how to reverse it.


Let me drop a truth bomb right now...when it comes to natural healing, you’ll need to be persistent, dedicated and committed for the long term. Once you start on this road, there is no turning back.


There is no quick fix and it’ll take much more time than you maybe prepared for.


If you feel this is too much for you right now, you are more than welcome to join my free Facebook group Fibroid Freedom Solutions where I share tips, tools, recipes and strategies to help you live your life free from menstrual mayhem.


But, I “should” know how to do it alone!


I used to say that. I changed my diet, took a bunch of supplements and herbs and 12 months later...nothing had changed. Things looked bleak.


All I did by not getting the help I needed was prolong the issue. Once I realised that, I invested in working with someone who knew more than I did.

What would it mean to you if:


- you were no longer exhausted and had more energy than you knew what to do with?

- you were able to sleep soundly through the night with no disturbances?

- bloating eases so your stomach no longer feels swollen, hard and uncomfortable?

- the lower back pain decreases or disappears altogether?

- PMT becomes a thing of the past?

- you were no longer constipated?

- you think better because your mind is no longer foggy?

"It has made me aware of which foods are beneficial for me (and fibroids) and what I should reduce/cut down on.

It has made me feel lighter, cleaner, reduced cravings for sweet foods and how to eat healthier. I think it would show someone which foods that are more beneficial to a woman with these issues and teach you how to modify your diet. Also teaches you how to be more in tune with your body and how to minimise cravings". Katy

Sound unrealistic? Sceptical? 

I get why you would be...especially if you are doing everything right but your period is doing the opposite of what you are working towards...


But this is why this programme is so powerful. You are now addressing the root cause by:


- reducing toxicity

- lowering inflammation

- strengthening immunity

- balancing hormones and 

- addressing digestive issues

Would you rather sit on the fence and wait to see if it works for someone else or will you trust your body to know what to do? I can guarantee that when you just do the work, you will notice the difference...guaranteed.


Just imagine what you could now do with your life! Think about how your newfound health will affect your family, your friends, your work colleagues?


I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. You don’t have to trial and error like I did trying to see what does and doesn’t work. Wouldn’t you just rather have results? There is no risk it won’t work if you actually do the work! Plus you’ll have support to ensure you get results.


The only thing left to do is to trust your body. Your body will respond when its clean, cleansed and you start showing yourself some love. When you make the decision to let go of toxicity in all its forms, I can assure you, your health will improve massively.


Think about it…


- How often have you been to your doctor and been fobbed off, dismissed and told your symptoms are just part of being a ‘woman’?


- How much time have you spent advocating for yourself until you are mentally and emotionally exhausted?


- How much is it costing you by trying to work it all out for yourself? How long do you want to continue guessing?

Now imagine the exact opposite of that.


How do you feel now? Less stressed? Relieved? Happy?


That’s exactly what it will feel like when you sign up for the Detox Protocol®


You’ll be working with something who completely gets where you are at. You’ll have a listening ear. You will not be dismissed and you’ll have the time to talk about YOU, your health and how your symptoms have been affecting you.


Along with nourishing food, herbal protocols and weekly coaching via email, in 4 weeks you’ll be a different woman!

If you’ve read this far and it resonates with you, I know you are serious. You know because it feels right. Something is telling you its time to get this sorted.


If you know you are ready, book your Womb Wellness Review and let’s get you started.


Worried you might not get results?

When you do the work and not let excuses get in the way, you will see results, I can guarantee it. Your body will respond if you allow it to do what it needs to do in its own time. 

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