Living with fibroids and heavy periods is seriously stressful...

What you have to put up with each month is no joke...

Heavy bleeding that causes Anaemia leaving you tired all the time.

Prolonged cycles, huge clots and flooding preventing you having a life.

You feel embarrassed when people ask you if you're pregnant. 

Frequent urinating thanks to fibroids pressing on your bladder.

And then there is the bloating and pain to contend with.

Right now, you might feel alone and invisible because no one is listening or understands what you are going through, but I want you to know that you do not have to put up with this. And despite what you have been told, hysterectomy is not the the best cure.

You’ve probably tried everything: supplements, castor oil packs, yoni, steams, vegan diet, keto, black strap molasses, apple cider vinegar, gluten and dairy free etc. etc...none of it worked. ​I know...I wasted an entire year doing exactly the same thing before I found what really worked.

Fibroids takes years to grow so you cannot expect them to disappear overnight (as much as we would all love that).  The only way to effectively prevent fibroid growth is by getting to the underlying cause and dealing with it. 

If you are done with the suffering and want a permanent natural solution, your best starting point is The Detox Protocol, my foundational 4-week whole body cleansing programme. If you know you are ready for deeper work and you are ready to commit to long term healing, the The Fibroid Protocol is what you are looking for. Need something else? Let's chat to see if I can help. Book some time with me here.